Mum and Baby Health Series

How do you sort through all the information online to find the best health advice for you and your baby, no matter what stage of parenthood you’re currently in? That’s where this health of mum and baby series comes in. With this e-health event, created by Kathy Whyte of Nurture Mum, Kathy and 9 other health experts will provide you with their best advice and guidance on nutrition and lifestyle from preconception, through pregnancy to a child’s 2nd birthday.

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Mum and Baby
Health Series Schedule

Series 1 – July 13 Developing healthy lives, nutrition and lifestyle before and during pregnancy Kathy Whyte, midwife, nutritionist 

Series 2 – July 16 Importance of exercise during pregnancy Aileen Convery, physiotherapist, former olympic swimmer

Series 3 – July 20 “A little time out”, breathing and relaxation for pregnancy Avril Flynn, midwife, childbirth educator and hypnobirth practitioner

Series 4 – July 23 “The birth of a mother – what no one tells you about transitioning to motherhood” Dr. Yvonne Quinn, senior clinical psychologist

Series 5 – July 27 Pregnancy and labour during “COVID times” Dr. Vicky O’Dwyer, consultant obstetrician

Series 6 – July 30 Breastfeeding support and guidance Liselotte Hill, midwife and lactation consultant

Series 7 – August 4 The role of the public health nurse in the early days and beyond Jacqueline King, public health nurse

Series 8 – August 6 General support and advice on managing minor ailments in the newborn with:Darlene Reilly, pharmacist 

Series 9 – August 10 Baby massage Gail Bovenzier, baby massage trainer 

Series 10 – August 13 The why? what? when? of weaning Orla McLaughlin, nutrition therapist  


Kathy Whyte

Founder of Nurture Mum

About Kathy

We know the factors that put good health at risk, and we understand the pressures our way of life puts on our health. Kathy is adamant that the biggest single decider in how we are going to achieve life-long good health is the way in which develop from conception. 

Kathy originally trained as a Nurse and Midwife. She has a Masters in Nutritional Medicine and is the founder of Nurture Mum based in Dublin. 

She has a keen interest in the early origins of health, promoting evidence based, practical meaningful advice and support from preconception, through pregnancy, feeding and weaning.

Through Nurture Mum, Kathy provides practical support and guidance during the first 1000+ days to budding parents, mothers and fathers through workplaces, pharmacies, keynote speaker at wellness events, social and traditional media. Promoting the best possible outcome for maternal and child health.

Kathy is helping change perceptions of pregnancy, health, and society’s response to the deepening crisis in general public health and wellbeing. The first 1000+ days of life is the greatest opportunity there is to develop healthy lives, from the very beginning.