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from our experts, passionate team of midurives and lactation consultansts


At Nurture Mum we know that pregnancy and the arrival of your baby is a very special time, however, it can also be challenging, confusing and exhausting!

We are here to provide support, advice, reassurance and even a good nights sleep when you need it most.

Our team of dedicated midwives and lactation consultants provide care and support in your home by day and night

We also provide practical nutrition advice during pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning


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Nutrition and lifestyle matters for lifelong health 

Pending  What is one simple action that employers could take today that would have huge positive benefits on public health? If I told you that there is something that all employers could do today that could positively transform public health in the future would your...

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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

The following is an excerpt from the Irish Independent article "Food for thought: The whys and when of weaning" dated August 1st 2018 You are what you eat, the old saying goes. As more and more research is unveiled about how pre-conception, breastfeeding and weaning...

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Early life nutrition – A healthy start

Early life nutrition – A healthy start

Early life nutrition refers to nutritional exposures prior to conception and during pregnancy, infancy and early childhood. These exposures have an important influence on quality of life and health into adulthood. Recommendations for nutrient intakes and the need for...

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