Expert guidance for your pregnancy journey


Fertility treatment 
Fertility treatment –

Nutrition checklist for use before and during pregnancy 
FIGO Nutrition Checklist

Guidance on trying for a baby  
Trying for a baby –

FIGO Nutrition before pregnancy checklist 
FIGO Nutrition Checklist

Support with smoking, alcohol and drug cessation  
Quit smoking –  



All you need to know about pregnancy and birth  
Pregnancy and birth –

Guidance on healthy eating in pregnancy developed by National Maternity Hospital, Dublin

Mental health support services
Specialist Perinatal Mental Health –

Guidance on healthy eating including plant-based nutrition in pregnancy

Recommendations for exercise in pregnancy 

Tips, advice from health professionals (in multiple languages)



HSE breastfeeding support, live chat option  

List of lactation consultants throughout Ireland  

Breastfeeding community support

Guidance on preparing a bottle feed's-bottle-feed.pdf 

Support and counselling services for women before, during and following pregnancy  

Parent to parent voluntary support charity 
Home – Clonmel Community Mothers Programme
Waterford Parent Hub – Waterford Parent Hub ( 

Guidance on weaning  

Guidance on spoon feeding


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