Trusted sources of online information and books on pregnancy and nutrition.

Pre-conception Resources – pre-conception health assessment tool – healthy weight management guidelines, before, during and following pregnancy

Pregnancy Resources – recommendations for exercise for pregnancy

Post-Pregnancy Resources – parent to parent voluntary support charity – HSE breastfeeding support website, includes live chat – details lactation consultants – baby weight assessment's-bottle-feed.pdf – guidance on preparing your baby’s bottle – providing support and counselling services to women experiencing antenatal or postnatal anxiety

Weaning Resources – weaning / guidance on weaning – starting to spoon-feed your baby

Recommended Reading

  • Breastfeeding ‘The Positive Breastfeeding Book – Everything you need to feed your baby with confidence’ by Amy Brown
  • Weaning Baby Food Matters: What science says about how to give your child healthy eating habits for life by Dr. Clare Llewellyn and Dr. Hayley Syrad