Nurture Mum@pharmacy

Nurture Mum provides provides updates and training to pharmacy staff, encouraging staff to start a conversation as early as possible with customers who are considering pregnancy, right through supporting them through pregnancy and as new parents, with 50% of pregnancies planned there is a huge opportunity for pharmacy staff for preventative health, and utilise the frequently untapped resource of pharmacy staff for advice and support throughout the first 1000+ days.
Preconception health has become recognised as an important public health focus to improve pregnancy outcomes. Pharmacy staff have a unique role as accessible health care providers to optimise preconception health by screening women for tobacco use, appropriate immunisations, current medication use etc. Counseling on preconception risk factors can include measuring weight and blood pressure, checking folic acid supplementation as well as providing recommendations for safe and effective management of chronic conditions. All of which is so critical for maternal and child health and within the scope of practice for pharmacists.

First 1000+ days: the key pillars of health

Download our free information sheet (.PDF) all about the key pillars of health during the first 1000+ day here